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Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority – Segment B-2, Section A, Fort Bend County, Texas

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Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority

To meet the schedule provided by the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority, MBCO Engineering, LLC (MBCO) staff maintained constant communication with the design firm RPS Infrastructure as well as the Program Managers BGE, Inc. Weekly meetings were held to update all parties regarding the project status. If issues were present, as a team, we discussed the best methods available to provide the quickest resolution to the problem. The use of ProjectWise as a file management tool also helped eliminate the need for any re-work that could have caused major delays.

MBCO provided design services for 1,400 feet of frontage road for the extension of Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road, west of Sienna Parkway. The design services included drainage system design, driveway layouts and design, driveways, drainage system design to convert from open ditch drainage to closed system, drainage area maps, drainage calculations, signage and pavement markings, Traffic Control Plans, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP). For frontage roads E and F.  For the existing ramps C & D, MBCO designed the signage and striping plans and Traffic Control Plans east of Sienna Parkway.

MBCO also completed utility coordination for both frontage roads E and F and ramps C and D. The utility coordination was an extensive effort for 13 different utility companies.  MBCO prepared an initial utility conflict matrix, sent out preliminary alignment drawings to the respective utility companies. MBCO followed up with the respective agencies to confirm if impacts did occur. Once impacts were confirmed, MBCO coordinated between the utility companies and the approving agencies to ensure all relocations were approved and completed so that no construction delays would occur.  One of the biggest challenges MBCO faced was coordination with the adjacent segment for tie into the main lane & frontage road pavement design as well as the drainage design. Communication was key and the weekly status meetings assisted with keeping everyone on schedule.