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Harris County Flood Control District Z100-00-00-X282 Harvey Repairs – Houston, Texas

Harris County excavation

Harris County Flood Control District Z100-00-00-X282

MBCO was selected by the Harris County Flood Control District to provide survey and design services for the maintenance packages for K142-00, K143-01, K145-00, K100-00, that were affected by both the Tax Day Floods and Hurricane Harvey rainfall events. MBCO prepared design packages that resolved the repairs of classic rotational failures, typical erosion failures, displaced riprap and fallen trees caused by the high level of storm water eroding and scouring the channel banks. MBCO designed innovative design solutions comprised of strategically buried riprap, slope drop structures, planned outfall structure replacement and riprap maintenance and treatments for outfalls. For K142-00 MBCO was tasked to review the historical design plans between Spring Cypress and Cypress Creek and redesign the channel back to its original profile, restoring benched sections and widening the channel bottom to original width and flowline.