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Harris County Engineering Department, Manchester Area Sidewalks UPIN 20102MF1MR01, Houston, TX

Harris County Engineering Department sidewalk

Harris County Engineering Department, Manchester Area Sidewalks

The scope included approximately 9,995 linear feet of six-foot sidewalk along Manchester Street from Broadway Street to 97th Street. This included the removal, replacement, and addition of sidewalk, driveways, crosswalks, and ADA ramps and all associated signage and pavement markings. This project also included median nose relocation in Broadway Street and the intersection with Manchester Street.

Some of the challenges with this project included working around large concrete vaults owned by telecommunication companies that were unearthed during construction that were not identified previously in record drawings. These vaults created issues with the grades of the sidewalk and maintaining ADA path slopes.
We revised the plans to extend the limits of proposed sidewalk and redesign the ramp locations to make sure the sidewalk and ramps were compliant with ADA required grades.